About Me

Hello to all enthusiasts of dancing and great music! My name is Julie. I’ve been dancing since my childhood and have devoted my whole life to this art. One day I thought, why not share my passion with other people on the Internet? That’s how this blog came about. If you are already an experienced dancer, you’ll perhaps find something new here. If you are only starting your journey in dancing, I’ll be glad to open this wonderful world to you.

A little bit about myself and my experience. I started my journey at the school of ballet, which has been teaching this classical art to kids for more than half a century. Back then, I realized that I wanted to dance professionally, so I continued to improve my skills at the U-M School of Music, Theater & Dance. I believe we had really the best teachers who were boundlessly in love with art and passed on the passion for dancing to their students.

Upon completion of my studies, I worked in the Parsons Dance troupe, which specializes in contemporary style, and participated in the organization of dance plays. However, performances alone were not enough for me, as I wanted to share my knowledge with novice dancers. Therefore, I taught in various dance studios and participated as an invited expert in masterclasses. Even now, I like to see how participants discover new movements and directions and get to know themselves from unusual sides. You never know what you’re capable of until you try it!

Even though I started my dancing path with ballet, I sincerely admire all styles equally. Through dancing, I express my feelings, emotions, and experiences, and therefore I want to master all the languages ​​​​in which I can do it. I eagerly learned new directions and authors’ styles at school, university, and in dance courses. And even now, I am ready to improve and discover something new.

Having traveled such a long way and gained tremendous experience in various dance styles, I am ready to share my knowledge with blog readers. I will go into detail about modern and classical techniques, share tips and life hacks for beginner dancers, explore current trends, and help you take your dancing skills to the next level. It would be awesome if I could spread my passion for dancing to just one person. I believe there are no people who cannot dance, and I will gladly prove it to you.

Now the blog has my articles only, but I’m thinking about getting my colleagues to write them as well. After all, this way, we will be able to cover more dance topics and answer the most burning questions. I’m also open to any suggestions. If you have a particular topic that interests you, or if you have any brilliant ideas you’d like to share, please let me know. So if you are interested in dancing, stay tuned for blog updates so as not to miss anything important. I promise it will be fantastic!