Best Pole Dancing Shoes: Aesthetics & Comfort

Watching pole dancers easily performing various tricks on very high heels is a gripping spectacle. It doesn’t matter if you’re fascinated by this dance and plan to start your journey or are already a pole dancer and want to switch from barefoot to heels.

Choosing footwear is a very important process. The right heels significantly improve your physical shape and make your movements more refined, while poor-quality ones can cause discomfort or even injuries. In this article, I share my experience of choosing the best pole dancing shoes according to your goal and dancing level.

7 Best Pole Dancing Shoes Reviewed

  1. Yolkomo: Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners
  2. Funtasma: Great Pole Dance Heels for Practicing
  3. MissHeel Ribbon-Laced: Best Platform Dance Shoes for Performance
  4. Ellie Shoes Flirt: Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Parties
  5. MissHeel Holographic: Best Ankle Support Pole Dancing Shoes
  6. Pleaser: Best Anti-Slip Heels for Pole Dancing
  7. Ellie Shoes LEVI: Best Stripper Shoes With Double Strap

Here is the list of the top models I’ve deliberately chosen based on their quality, sturdiness, and brand reputation. Let’s examine them one by one.

1. Yolkomo: Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners

This model has a completely closed design that helps to securely fix the foot. This is very important for beginners because it’s difficult to fully control the ankle in more open models. The heel is about 6.1″ with a 2″ platform. The 6″ heel is the most suitable for beginners. The shoe style resembles crocodile skin in black.

I’ve been wearing this model for a long time. It helped me a lot when I started to dance on the pylon. Although I can easily dance in both closed and open models now, these particular boots remain one of my favorites.

  • Comfortable design
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Eye-catchy crocodile print
  • Vegan material
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • The model is laced, so it might take longer to put it on
  • Available in black color only

2. Funtasma: Great Pole Dance Heels for Practicing

These sandals have a very classic design, are made of black, lacquered material, and have an open toe. Its 6″ heel with an elastic strap on the ankle reliably fixes the foot. Despite the seemingly simple design, these sandals have a stunning look that can add confidence.

One of the biggest advantages is the large selection of sizes, including 13, and 14. If you find it difficult to choose an aesthetic model for your size, these sandals might suit you.

This model is best suited for practice because it has a comfortable design and no additional decorative elements that can interfere with the dance. The shoe is equipped with an anti-slip sole, which is ideal if you want to practice various tricks. Girl from my dance group been wearing this model in rehearsals for more than a year, and it has never let her down, she says.

  • Classic varnished design
  • Soft insole
  • Elastic strap
  • Sturdy heel
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Open sock
  • Available in one color only

3. MissHeel Ribbon-Laced: Best Platform Dance Shoes for Performance

The MissHeel company is the best when it comes to combining trendiness and convenience. This model combines comfort with a unique design.

The stiletto is 5.9″ high, making it appropriate even for inexperienced wearers. So, if this is your first performance and you want to impress everyone on the spot, this model might be the perfect option.

These shoes have become irreplaceable for many girls from my group. Thin nude ribbons wrap the leg well, and the transparent construction with a lucite platform makes the pair reliable and safe.

I never worry about having to sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty. One of the disadvantages is that the shoes are available only in nude and black.

  • The elegant design is ideal for performances
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable heel height
  • Non-slippery sole
  • Available only in two colors
  • Transparent buckles do not stretch

4. Ellie Shoes Flirt: Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Parties

Ellie Shoes is a family-owned brand that specializes in shoes and lingerie and has a special collection of options for Halloween costumes. This model with high heels has a completely transparent belt and platform. The size of the platform is about 3″, and the heel is 6.5″. The heels come with a leather sole, and the insole is made of pigskin.

The shoes have an open sock. My coach has been using them for a long time and can assume that they are equally suitable for performances and everyday life (for example, parties and holidays). The strap is elastic and flexible, which is crucial during the dance. The soft insole facilitates the load on the foot.

  • Fashionable design
  • Comfortable insole
  • Sturdy strap
  • Available in both colored and transparent variations
  • Synthetic material
  • Sold only in whole sizes

5. MissHeel Holographic: Best Ankle Support Pole Dancing Shoes

Here is another model by the MissHeel brand with a transparent heel and unique holographic silver and gold coloring. The stiletto has a height of 5.7″ in combination with a 1.7″ lucite platform. The design of these shoes with an ankle wrap-up helps to support the feet and prevents slipping. The sandals have thin straps and a transparent front, which makes the design light and elegant.

I often use them not only for performances but in everyday life. These medium-high heels with reliable ankle support are perfect for a club night. You can experiment with different types of laces; there are many interesting styles. However, if you have a wide foot, like me, choose one size larger to be sure the shoes will fit properly.

  • Good support for the ankle
  • Holographic design
  • You can experiment with lacing
  • Suitable for both dancing and parties
  • Thin heel, so you need to balance well

6. Pleaser: Best Anti-Slip Heels for Pole Dancing

The Pleaser brand offers one of the most popular pole dancing shoes. The manufacturer is always attentive to details while embodying innovative designs for every taste. This model has a stunning 7″ heel, but your feet don’t feel much tension due to the 3″ platform.

My coach often take on these shoes when practicing various tricks on the pylon. Thanks to the rubber sole, these shoes are perfect for both rehearsals and performances. The completely transparent design helps the legs look longer and makes me visually taller. For a beginner, the height of these stilettos might feel a little odd.

  • Stable platform and heel
  • Non-slip sole
  • Completely transparent design
  • Sturdy strap
  • Large selection of sizes
  • High heels might be unusual for beginners

7. Ellie Shoes LEVI: Best Stripper Shoes With Double Strap

These sandals come in a stylish design that combines a net with a decorative strap in black. The ankle also has a double strap that provides more support for the foot. Lacquered shoe materials are always in fashion, so you shouldn’t worry that the design will lose its relevance.

I saw these shoes on many dancers I follow on social media. Even after a few hours of rehearsal, my feet do not get tired at all. The heel height of 5.5″ is well-suited even for beginners who have rarely worn high-heeled shoes. The only downside is that this model has a fairly small choice of sizes.

  • Creative design will not go out of style
  • Good support for the ankle
  • Suitable heels for beginners
  • Non-slippery sole
  • Small choice of sizes Available in black only

How to Choose the Best Pole Dancing Shoes?

MissHeel Clear Platform Heels Lace-up

There is no best shoe pair that suits everyone because each person has a different foot structure, tastes, etc. The most important thing is that your pair has to fit you perfectly, and there should be support for your ankle. You also need to pay attention to the material so that it is safe for your health. It’s best to choose heels with a soft insole, so your feet will be less tired while dancing.

The Right Heel Height for Pole Dancing

The higher the heels, the harder it can be to dance in them. However, pole dancing heels are different from the heels we wear in everyday life. Given the height of their platform, you need to choose the optimal height of the heel. It’s important to remember that heels change your center of balance. They figuratively become an extension of your legs.

Beginner heel height

I recommend beginners to start with 5 or 6″ heels. Though you might think that this is too high for a beginner, do not forget that about a third of this height is a platform, so the heel takes about 3-4″. If you have problems with balancing, it is better to give priority to 5″ heels.

Professional heel height

One of the most popular heels is a 6″ model, suitable for both beginners and more experienced dancers. If you practice a lot, you can go for 7 and 8″. This height of heels is usually preferred by professional dancers. However, I don’t recommend novices choose an 8″ heel. With higher heels, you should already have well-trained leg muscles as well as be accustomed to the load on the ankle.

How to Choose the Right Size?

Choosing the right size is always a dilemma, even with ordinary shoes. You need to consider not only the size of the shoe but also its width and the rise of your foot.

Step 1: Look for the tight fit

To feel confident on the pylon while performing complex tricks, you need shoes to be comfortable. Usually, dancers choose heels half their size so that the shoes fit snugly on their feet. Footwear that is too loose can be dangerous as you can easily trip over it and get injured.

Step 2: Choose ankle support

If the straps seem too tight, you can stretch them a bit with the help of improvised means. For example, you can warm them with a hairdryer. If you have a wide foot, pay attention to the manufacturer’s description.

What to Look for When Choosing? Recommendations

Here I provide several tips on choosing the best pole dancing shoe pair for you:
Take into account the material of the sole. If you want to practice tricks, do not choose a slippery sole. If you want to hone your movements on the floor, you can use shoes with a more slippery sole.

If you have a wider foot, it’s better to go half or one size up. Choose footgear that fits comfortably on the foot.

Pay attention to the platform. The higher the platform, the more convenient it will be to dance, even if the stiletto is very high.

Choose the design you like. This way, you will feel confident and comfortable.

Why Do Pole Dancers Wear High Heels?

Pole dancing shoes are extremely important. In addition to completing the dancer’s look and giving them confidence, it also helps to make the movements smoother and more graceful. Good shoes will help improve your posture and make it easier to perform certain tricks.

For people far from this field, it might seem that heels complicate the dancing process, but they allow you to do tricks with turns safer. Not to mention that the platform in such heels makes it easier to slide on the pole and the floor.

FAQ About Best Shoes for Pole Dancing

Ellie Shoes Women's 711 Flirt C Platform

If you still have questions about the height of the shoes and are wondering whether you need them at all, these answers to several common questions might be helpful.

What kind of heels can I wear for pole dancing?

You need to choose special footwear for pole dancing to have reliable support for the ankle and the right height. Pay attention to the platform and its height, as well as the reliability of fasteners and fixation.

Do heels help with pole dancing?

This type of shoe is not only aesthetic. The design of the heels is created to help you dance. The sole prevents slipping, and the weight of the shoes helps balance when performing tricks.

Why are pole dancing heels so tall?

Pole dancing heels are needed to increase your height. Thus you will manage to hold the pole higher. It will give you space to do various tricks and swings with your legs.

How high are heels for pole dancing?

The height of strip shoes greatly varies, from 5 to 10″. Among professional dancers, boots with 7-8″ heels are the most popular. They combine comfort and beauty in movement. For beginners, I recommend starting with 5-6″ heels.

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Pick Best Platform Heels for Pole Dancing

Choosing stripper shoes for dancing is always a responsible process, especially if it is your first pair. However, if you choose the right heel height according to your training level and size, the dancing experience will always be pleasant and safe.

Focus on the width and arch of your feet. Choose a size that will fit snugly on your foot. Also, pay attention to the material so that the sole is not slippery.

How long have you been pole dancing? Share your experience in the comments. Which shoes do you prefer more: with open or closed toes?

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