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Best Dance Shoes for Carpet: Review & Buying Guide

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It’s important to wear shoes for dancing on the carpet because the rug is just a fancy cloth. If you were to dance on a regular floor with no shoes, it wouldn’t take you long to realize that your feet were hurting. But the carpet is soft and comfortable, so we often forget that our bare feet are not really made for walking.

Your feet are great for moving around, but they’re not too good at supporting your weight or distributing your body’s weight to the floor. So, if you’re barefoot, your feet can get tired fast and they put a lot of pressure on your ankles, knees, and the rest of your body.

5 Best Dance Shoes for Carpet Reviewed

  1. Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker — Top Pick
  2. Zumba Sneakers High-Top Dance — Runner Up
  3. DANCESOCKS Sneaker Dance Socks — Premium Choice
  4. Slip-On Dancers® Carpet Dancers
  5. Balera Ballet Shoe Leather Full Sole

This review describes the five best dance shoes for carpets available on Amazon. Learn a little about each of them and their pros and cons. This will help you decide which shoes you need.

1. Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker best dance shoes for the carpet. The sneaker is one of many jazz sneakers on the market. The company has been around for more than 20 years and has a great reputation for making quality dance shoes.

These shoes are jazz sneakers with a mesh upper for breathability and a suede sole for slip resistance. They feature laces for a custom fit. There has been a lot of great feedback from the community on how comfortable these shoes are. They are not only a great dance sneaker but also a great everyday, casual sneaker.

They also make a great practice shoe, since they are very supportive but also allow for great freedom of movement. If you’re looking for a good pair of dance sneakers and you don’t want to break the bank – these may be the shoes for you.

  • Excellent value;
  • Very durable and comfortable;
  • Excellent grip;
  • Sleek and professional design.
  • Not very breathable.

2. Zumba Sneakers High-Top Dance

Zumba sneakers are a high-top staple for all your everyday activities, from dancing, and working out, to walking around town.

Zumba sneakers are made with leather and rubber to provide a non-slip grip, odor-resistant materials, and maximum cushioning. These shoes have high-impact protection with energy-returning and breathable air technology, making them the perfect shoe for Zumba.

This shoe offers a wide selection of bold, beautiful, and fun colors with a unique, all-over design that promotes happiness. These shoes come in a wide selection of styles and are super easy to break in.

  • Very affordable;
  • Comfortable for long hours;
  • Good quality;
  • Great traction on the bottom.
  • The material of the sole is very hard.

3. DANCESOCKS Sneaker Dance Socks

The DANCESOCKS Sneaker Dance Socks are specially designed for dancers to safely twist and turn in their sneakers. These socks can go over your sneakers to help you avoid injury when you come across slippery surfaces like carpets.

The DANCESOCKS come in one size fit all for men and women and can be stretched to fit larger-sized sneakers. These socks are also perfect for dance workouts or Zumba since the carpet can be tough to dance on without slipping.

Using these socks will also increase your range of motion as they decrease the traction on your sneakers. They are designed for use on carpeted surfaces only and for doing stretches on smooth surfaces is not recommended. The DANCESOCKS come in one size that can fit up to a size 14.

  • Soft and Comfy;
  • Easy to put on;
  • Looks great;
  • No seams to rip.
  • Not durable.

4. Slip-On Dancers® Carpet Dancers

In the modern dance world, many dancers complain of the aching muscles and sore feet they get after a class, and many of these dancers wear slip-on shoes on their feet while they’re performing. But now we’re seeing a new trend in foam soled, slip-on shoes designed especially for dance.

Invented by a dancer who was looking for relief from sore feet, the Slip-On Dancers® are designed to cover the shoes you’re wearing with foam soles to give your feet more room to move and increase the amount of traction on the floor.

The Slip-On Dancers® come in a wide range of colors and are designed to be worn over the shoe’s tread, and can be adjusted with a black strap.

Slip-On Dancers® may just be the solution for anyone who suffers from aching feet after a dance class!

  • Dancers slip on easily;
  • Dancers have a nice grip on the bottom;
  • Dancers are comfortable;
  • Dancers are durable;
  • Dancers are affordable.
  • Dancers can be slippery on some floors;
  • Dancers don’t have a very narrow fit.

5. Balera Ballet Shoe Leather Full Sole

For the Balera Ballet Shoe Leather Full Sole, the construction of these shoes is such that they are perfect for beginners and come with a number of features, such as a synthetic suede, full-grain leather, and cotton lining.

The shoes are also breathable and have a padded heel and toe and pre-sewn elastic instep and anchored elastic drawstring. For children, you will want to order two sizes larger than the street shoe size, and for adults, you will want to order the same size as the street shoe size. If you’re looking for a reliable ballet shoe that will last, the Balera Ballet Shoe Leather Full Sole is a great choice.

  • Quite good for male dancers, and they look good on male dancers;
  • They’re very reasonably priced;
  • They last a while;
  • They have a nice aesthetic to them.
  • They’re not very flexible, so they may not be good for dancers with weak feet.

Best dance shoes for carpet Buyer’s Guide

Why do you need shoes for dancing on the carpet? Some carpets have a textured surface that can cause people to slip. Shoes provide traction on the surface of the carpet and help prevent accidents.


What are the dance shoes for the carpet?

I’ve found that softer shoes work better for the carpet because they compress and grip the carpet better. I also recommend shoes with a suede bottom: Suede is great for carpet because it gives and then grips the moment before it starts to slide. A shoe with a 2″ heel is often recommended for the ballet class held on the carpet.

Features to Consider When Buying the dance shoes for the carpet

There are several things to consider when looking for the dance shoes for the carpet. These things can make a difference in the quality of the dance shoes.

The sole. The sole should be non-slipping. That way you will have a good grip on the dance floor. The sole should also be flexible enough so that it does not hurt your feet. If the sole is too thin and soft, the shoe might become uncomfortable after a while.


The material. The material used in the manufacture of the shoe should be of high quality. The material should be durable and also flexible enough to respond to the foot’s natural movements. Besides that, the material should be breathable so that your feet can breathe. The material should also not cause irritation in the foot.

The design. The design should be such that the dance shoes are comfortable to be worn. The design should not cause any discomfort to the wearer.

The comfort. The dance shoes should be comfortable to wear. You should be able to dance for long hours without experiencing any discomfort. Besides that, the dance shoes should have a good grip to help you dance better.

Deciding on the Best dance shoes for carpet for You

It is essential that your dance shoes fit properly. You should have a little bit of space at the toe, so your toes can move freely. Also, it is a good idea to bring your own shoes to try on with your costume.



The shoes for dancing on the carpet are designed to provide a comfortable and stable experience while dancing. They have a soft sole that helps absorb impact and protect your feet, and they also have a good grip so you can keep your footing on the slippery surface. They are often brightly colored and have a patterned sole to help the dancer stay on their feet.

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