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Best Shoes for Street Dance: Review & Buying Guide

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In this article, I will talk about the best shoes for street dance. There are many different styles of shoes for dance, but for the most part, they all have a few things in common. They generally have a thicker sole and are more solidly built than ordinary sneakers in order to give the dancer more control over the movements of their feet.

The soles of street dancing shoes usually have a good amount of grip on them so that you don’t slip and slide when you are trying to do various dance moves.

5 Best Shoes for Street Dance Reviewed

  1. Nike Men's Air Force 1 '07 An20 — Top Pick
  2. Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dansneaker — Runner Up
  3. Adidas Originals Women's Superstar Sneaker — Premium Choice
  4. Skechers Women's D'Lites
  5. Reebok Women's Guresu 1.0 Track Shoe

This review describes the five best shoes for street dance available on Amazon. Learn a little about each of them and their pros and cons. This will help you decide which shoes you need.

1. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 An20

The Nike Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 An20 is a popular shoe among modern people due to its comfort, cushioned soles, and revolutionary design.

This shoe is constructed with materials that are inspired by spacesuits and quilted stitching on the upper. It features one of the largest Air units to date, and it blends the futuristic look of the final frontier with the retro style of Nike. This shoe meshes and it keeps your feet cool. It comes in a plethora of colors to suit any preference. This shoe is perfect for someone who is looking for a comfortable shoe to wear all day.

  • The Nike is really nice on the side;
  • The rubber on the sole is pretty grippy;
  • Great cushioning;
  • Great fit.
  • Thin laces.

2. Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker

The Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker is a pair of shoes that are perfect for a variety of dances. This shoe is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to point through your toes- great for doing dance cardio and Tracy Anderson-type workouts.

It also has a flat, boxed toe for easier toe stands and comes with two sets of laces so you can change up your look. It runs about 1/2 a size smaller than street shoe size.

Capezio’s Fierce dance sneaker is ready for any serious dance session. Polyurethane sole. Heel measures approximately 1″. Platform measures approximately 0.75″.

  • Holds Toes Up In Heels;
  • Very Durable;
  • Good For Flats.
  • A Bit Heavy.

3. Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar Sneaker

The Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar Sneaker is a casual and classic shoe with a rubber shell toe and a breathable mesh lining. These shoes are perfect for fall and will go well with many outfits. These shoes have a rubber outsole and have a heel height of 0-3 inches. We recommend sizing down as these shoes run large.

The shoe’s shaft measures approximately 3.2″ from the arch. The platform measures approximately 0-3″. The boot opening measures approximately 11″. The shoes are highly rated, as users praise the shoes for their comfort and versatility.

  • Comfortable;
  • Classic look;
  • The rubber at the bottom is durable.
  • The tongue of the shoe is not lined with the shoe.

4. Skechers Women’s D’Lites

The Skechers Women’s D’Lites are one of the popular shoes that are on the market. These shoes are made with a leather and synthetic upper, with a rubber sole. They have a lightweight and a 1-inch platform. The shoes also have a flexible sole, with a 1 1/4 inch built-in heel.

The Skechers Women’s D’Lites is a popular shoe amongst athletes and active women. These shoes are designed with both comfort and style in mind. The D’Lites has a simple yet stylish look, perfect for anyone who loves to move.

These shoes are very supportive and comfortable. People who have tried these shoes swear by them and suggest them to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe.

  • The shoe is fairly comfortable, has a nice sole, and is very light;
  • There are a lot of colors to choose from;
  • The shoe is a great price for what you get.
  • The shoe is not meant for running on hard surfaces.

5. Reebok Women’s Guresu 1.0 Track Shoe

The Reebok Women’s Guresu 1.0 Track Shoe is perfect for the active woman on the go. With a stretchy elastic band and EVA midsole for shock absorption, not only does the shoe include, but it also has a low-cut design for agility. The Gum rubber pivot point is designed for a stable and pivot-friendly outsole. The product also has forefoot flex grooves for mobility and flexibility.

The shoe is designed for lightweight athletes, so it’s not bulky. Users have also noted that the shoes are good for weightlifting, sprinting, and running.

In addition, the shoe can be custom designed to the wearer’s liking, with a wide range of colors, patterns, and prints available.

  • Lightweight;
  • Low heel-toe drop (4mm);
  • Good traction;
  • Cushioned ride.
  • Sizing is off – they run a half size small.

Best Shoes for Street Dance Buyer’s Guide

So, the best street dance shoes are typically made of hard and flexible material. They are designed to provide support and protection for the feet while dancing on the street.


What are the shoes for street dance?

Comfort is the most important consideration when choosing shoes for street dance. Street dance is a high-impact sport that requires you to move your feet quickly and in a variety of directions. Comfort will help minimize foot and knee pain, which could leave you unable to finish a routine. You should also choose shoes that are lightweight and flexible. Shoes that are clunky, heavy, or stiff will make it difficult for you to move swiftly, which is a must for street dance.

Features to Consider When Buying the shoes for street dance

Comfort. When you are out dancing for a long time, it is important to have a pair of shoes that will not cause you blisters and pain. A good pair of shoes will have a soft sole and a comfortable fit.

Convenience. A good pair of shoes will have a wide width so that your feet are comfortable and still have a good movement while dancing. You want to be able to move your feet in all directions, and the shoe should not hinder you from doing that.

What-are the-shoes-for-street-dance

Durability. When it comes to street dance, you will be doing a lot of jumping, running, and dancing. This will wear out your shoes pretty quickly. You need a shoe that can withstand all that pressure.

Deciding on the best shoes for street dance for You

If you have never bought a pair of good street dancing shoes, you should know that these shoes are a little different from others. The main and most important difference is the sole.

Such shoes are made with a very thick sole. It is because street dancers need to feel the beat of the music right through their feet. Another reason is that they need to feel the ground, to keep their balance.

They also need to be able to move their feet freely, without being impeded by the sole of the shoes. Those shoes are designed in such a way that people can move their feet freely, without any problems.



Overall, street dance shoes are designed for consuming different types of moves from different genres of street dance. They are a type of footwear that is useful for dancing in urban areas. The shoes provide the dancers with good traction with the ground, which is especially useful when the dance floor is wet. They are also lightweight and have a good grip. Most cool street dance shoes are made with high-quality leather or vinyl.

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