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Best Dance Shoes for Flat Feet: Review & Buying Guide

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There are a few different types of dance shoes for flat feet. One type is a flat sole shoe, which has a completely flat bottom and no arch support. This type of shoe is good for dancers who have very flat feet and need extra support.

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Women's Jazz Shoes Lace-up Sneakers - Breathable Air Cushion Lady Split Sole Athletic Walking Dance Shoes Platform Black 5
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Great for beginners, but would still be useful for intermediate and advanced level dancers
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Zumba Women's Air Classic Sneaker, Stomp-it Pink, 7
Very light and comfortable
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Capezio Women's Studio Shoes, Black, 7
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Excellent quality
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Another type of dance shoe for flat feet is a split sole shoe. This type of shoe has a split in the sole, which allows for more flexibility and movement. This type of shoe is good for dancers who have some arch support but need more flexibility. In this article, I will talk about the best dance shoes for flat feet.

5 Best Dance Shoes for Flat Feet Reviewed

  1. Women's Jazz Sneakers Shoes — Top Pick
  2. Zumba Workout Sneakers — Runner Up
  3. Capezio Women's DS24 — Premium Choice
  4. Capezio Canvas Dance Sneaker DS03
  5. Capezio Women's Flex Master Tap Shoe

This review describes the five best dance shoes for flat feet available on Amazon. Learn a little about each of them and their pros and cons. This will help you decide which shoes you need.

1. Women’s Jazz Sneakers Shoes

The Women’s Jazz Sneakers are not just for jazz dancing. These shoes are also excellent for dance, Zumba, and aerobics classes. The shoe’s sole platform and lightweight construction make them perfect for any serious dancer.

The lightweight design has a flat, boxed toe for easier toe stands. Premium arch support and breathability make for comfortable, long-standing shoes. Additionally, the shoe’s air cushion design provides dependable grip, good protection, and enough cushioning. The soft terry lining is good for absorbing moisture to keep the feet cool and dry.

Overall, the Women’s Jazz Sneakers are excellent shoes for any serious, hard-working dancer.

  • Great for beginners, but would still be useful for intermediate and advanced level dancers;
  • Can be worn with any clothing, any time of year, and in any style;
  • Can either be worn to rehearsals or performances.
  • Not very supportive, and can sometimes cause blisters.

2. Zumba Workout Sneakers

If you’re looking for a great pair of shoes, look no further than the Zumba Workout Sneakers!

The Zumba Workout Sneakers are great because they provide high-impact protection while being breathable, they offer great traction and grip and they’re versatile! These shoes can be worn as workout shoes, walking shoes, gym shoes, dance shoes, or casual athletic wear.

The Zumba Workout Sneakers will give you a bold fashion display with a unique overall design that will bring color to your life.

The Zumba Workout Sneakers are a perfect choice for Zumba. They are lightweight, come in a variety of colors, have a thick cushioned sole, and are comfortable. They are also less likely to cause you to trip or get “stuck” on the carpet.

  • Very light and comfortable;
  • The tread on the bottom is pretty good and allows you to be sure-footed, even on slippery surfaces;
  • The toe box is wide enough for those with wider feet.
  • The shoe is made of a fabric that does not breathe very well. It will get hot and sweaty feet in a hurry, especially in warmer climates.

3. Capezio Women’s DS24

Dancing is a great way to stay active as well as relieve stress, which is why Capezio designed the Women’s DS24 Dance Sneaker.

The Women’s DS24 is one of Capezio’s most popular dance sneakers, with many features that make it a must-have. With a ventilated arch and spin spot, you will always remain cool and have mobility during movement. The Women’s DS24 also has signature flex points and a speed looped lacing system for a snug, secure fit and easy on-and-off for faster transitions. Leave it all on the dance floor with this Dansneaker from Capezio. This shoe is perfect for any dancer looking for a comfortable, light, and breathable shoe.

  • Good for beginners, intermediates, and advanced dancers;
  • Affordable Price;
  • Excellent quality.
  • Very Flimsy.

4. Capezio Canvas Dance Sneaker DS03

Capezio’s Canvas Dance Sneaker is a combination of durability and flexibility. The canvas upper is both durable and breathable, and the split sole design provides the dancer with full foot articulation.

In addition, the padded tongue, collar, and foam padding throughout the shoe provide comfort and support. The PU outsole is made of enhanced rubber and has a patented flex point and forepart spin spot. This sneaker is durable and has heel and toe boxes that are reinforced. This shoe is ideal for all levels of dancers as it is low-profile and made of durable, soft canvas.

The bad news is that these shoes run very small, so order two sizes bigger than your usual size.

  • Very flexible and comfortable;
  • Wide enough for wider feet;
  • Very affordable.
  • While the shoe is very comfortable, it is not the best for long hours of dancing. It does not have a lot of padding.

5. Capezio Women’s Flex Master Tap Shoe

The Capezio Women’s Flex Master Tap Shoe is a split-sole tap shoe designed to give dancers the best performance. It is a popular choice for serious tappers due to its superior construction and flexibility.

The shoe features a lace-up front, padding around the collar, and Teletone taps for an added resonating sound. The Flex Master is lined with moisture-wicking microfiber to keep dancers’ feet cool and dry.

Although these shoes are not a perfect fit for everyone, many people find Capezio Women’s Flex Master Tap Shoe to be a great fitting, comfortable shoe. This shoe is worn by people of all shapes and sizes, as it is available in a wide fit. The Flex Master Tap Shoe is known for its durable leather, which is resistant to tears. This shoe is best for serious tappers who want to perform well.

  • Sturdy and strong shoe;
  • Ideal for beginners or those who are just learning how to do a tap dance;
  • Has a non-slip grip.
  • The shoe is not ideal for those who want a shoe that is suitable for both stage and street.

Best Dance Shoes for Flat Feet Buyer’s Guide

For those with flat feet, I would recommend inexpensive shoes that are flexible and have a heel height of 2 inches or less. Most of the shoes in the dancewear market are designed for someone with a high arch, so you need to be careful about what you buy.


What are the dance shoes for flat feet?

This is the most popular question that people ask me. Dance shoe flat feet are generally made of leather, with a leather insole and leather shank. It should be accompanied by a soft insole to make it more comfortable.

As you can see, the majority of the shoes for flat-footed dancers have low heels and wide-toe boxes. But, it is very important to choose shoes with heels that are not too big. Don’t choose high heels if you have flat feet. The reason is that they put your knees in the wrong position.

Features to Consider When Buying the dance shoes for flat feet

Shoe brand. Dance shoes are made of different materials, and some shoes are not the best choice for flat feet. Choose the right brand that is made of comfortable and flexible materials.

Slippers. Slippers are very popular in dance schools, but they are not the best choice for flat feet because they have no support or cushioning.

Shoe width. Dance shoes usually extend a little wider at the entrance, but if your feet are flat, the shoe should be narrow enough to give you a comfortable fit.


Shoe flexibility. Look for a shoe that allows you to turn your toes out for an extra-balanced, flexible, and stable connection with the floor, and to open and close the top of your toes.

Shoe cushioning. Your flat feet need cushioning, so look for a shoe that has a soft and comfortable heel counter with nice arch support.

Shoe weight. Dance shoes should be lightweight, because if the shoe is too heavy, then it will weigh you down.

Deciding on the Best dance shoes for flat feet for You

Before you buy a pair of dance shoes, you should remember that dance shoes for flat feet should be three times thicker than the usual street shoes.

Also, it is recommended to choose suede shoes rather than leather ones. This material is more durable, so the dance shoes are more likely to outlast your class.

It is important to choose the right size of dance slippers. Sizing is different. For example, street shoes are usually synonymously with European and UK sizes, while dance shoes are usually labeled with US fitting.

Finally, you should take into account the width of your feet. Usually, they are wider than the measurement size.



There are many different types of dance shoes for flat feet, but they all have one thing in common: they have a special sole that is designed to support the flat foot and help prevent injuries. This type of sole is usually made of a softer material than the soles of other types of shoes, and it may have extra cushioning to provide even more support.

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