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Top 3 Must-Watch Street Dance Battles on YouTube

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Street dance battles have been an integral part of hip-hop culture since the 1970s. These battles are all about showcasing the unique dance styles, creativity, and musicality of the dancers. With the advent of YouTube, it has become easier than ever to witness some of the most electrifying street dance battles from around the world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 3 street dance battles that are must-watch for any street dance enthusiast. From mind-blowing moves to the impressive display of skills, these battles are sure to leave you awestruck. So, get ready to witness some jaw-dropping performances from the comfort of your home.

Why Street Dance Battles are Exciting?

Street dance battles are one of the most exciting and captivating performances to watch. The combination of athleticism, creativity, and individuality makes these battles a true spectacle.

There are several reasons why street dance battles are exciting. Firstly, they showcase the unique styles and techniques of each dancer. Dancers use a combination of street dance styles(learn more about street dance styles) to express themselves and captivate the audience. Secondly, the battles allow for spontaneity and improvisation, as dancers must react to their competitors and constantly innovate their moves(check out some popular street dance moves).

Street dance battles have a rich history and cultural significance(read more about the evolution of street dance). The battles originated from the competitive nature of Hip Hop, and have evolved to encompass a diverse range of styles and techniques. Today, street dance battles serve as a platform for dancers to showcase their skills and compete against the best of the best(tips to master street dancing).

Street dance battles have a significant impact on society and the dance community(read about the significance and impact of street dance). They inspire people to pursue their passion for dance and promote a sense of community and inclusivity. Additionally, street dance battles can have positive impacts on one’s physical and mental health(learn about the benefits of street dance on health).

Finally, street dance battles have also impacted fashion and sense of style(discover the fashion and dress up for street dance battles). Dancers use their clothing and attitude as an extension of their unique styles, further emphasizing their individuality and self-expression.

All in all, street dance battles are truly exciting to watch for various reasons. The beauty and individuality of each dancer, the history and significance of the battles, their impact on society, and unique fashion style, all make street dance battles an unforgettable experience.

1. Juste Debout 2019

1. Juste Debout 2019
One of the most highly anticipated street dance battles of the year is Juste Debout, and the 2019 edition did not disappoint. This Paris-based competition brings together some of the most talented dancers from around the globe to showcase their skills and battle it out. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the Juste Debout 2019 competition, its overview, key takeaways, and a video link for your viewing pleasure. If you’re interested in gaining insight from renowned street dancers or want to know more about the hip-hop music that fuels these battles, check out our other articles on interviews with renowned street dancers and the history of hip-hop music in street dance.


For each of the three street dance battles, a detailed overview will be provided in this section.

Juste Debout 2019: Juste Debout is the world’s most prestigious street dance competition, held annually in Paris, France. The competition is known for its focus on pure street styles and creativity, attracting top dancers from around the world. In the 2019 edition, dancers competed in a variety of categories, including hip-hop, popping, locking, house, and experimental dance. The judges, who are all respected figures in the street dance community, evaluated the competitors on their technique, musicality, originality, and showmanship.

To give an idea of the scale of the competition, over 3,500 dancers from 35 countries participated in the 2019 edition. The battles were held in several rounds, with the winners of each round advancing to the next until the final showdown. The atmosphere of Juste Debout is electric, with the crowd cheering and gasping at every impressive move.

Below is a table summarizing some key details of Juste Debout 2019:

DateLocationCategoriesNumber of CompetitorsJudges
March 3, 2019AccorHotels Arena, Paris, FranceHip-hop, popping, locking, house, experimentalOver 3,500 from 35 countriesBoogaloo Sam, Caleaf, Mamson, Meech, Narumi

As the table shows, Juste Debout 2019 was a massive event that brought together thousands of dancers from all over the world to compete in various street dance styles. The judges for the competition were all highly respected figures in the community, ensuring that the winners truly deserved the title of Juste Debout champion.

Key Takeaways

After watching the top 3 Street Dance Battles on YouTube, there are several key takeaways that are worth mentioning. Below are some points that stood out the most:

1. Technique and creativity are crucial in winning battles.The dancers who brought their unique style and creative moves were the most successful. While executing complex techniques is impressive, adding one’s personal touch can make all the difference.
2. Confidence and stage presence are essential.The dancers who were able to command the stage and connect with the crowd had an extra advantage. It’s important to show confidence in one’s performance and be the center of attention.
3. Emotional connection enhances the dance experience.Many of the dancers were able to convey deeper emotions through their movements, which made their performances more memorable. Whether it’s joy, anger, or sadness, adding an emotional layer to the dance routine can make it more impactful.
4. Timing and synchronization are critical.In group dances, timing and synchronization are crucial to maintaining a unified performance. The dancers who were able to stay in sync and move as a single entity were able to produce the most impressive routines.
5. Adapting to one’s opponent is a sign of a skilled dancer.In battles, dancers must be able to adapt and respond to their opponent’s moves effectively. The ability to anticipate and counter an opponent’s moves is a sign of exceptional talent in this genre.

Street Dance Battles on YouTube are a showcase of some of the world’s greatest dancers and their unique styles. By incorporating different techniques, emotions, and stage presence, these dancers are able to create performances that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Video Link

Here are the video links to watch the Top 3 Street Dance Battles:

  • Juste Debout 2019: Experience the electrifying energy of the world’s biggest street dance event, “Juste Debout 2019” with this video on YouTube. Watch the finest street dancers from across the globe compete in a variety of styles, showcasing their incredible skills.
  • Red Bull BC One World Final 2019: Witness the ultimate battle between 16 of the world’s best breakdancers as they compete for the title of Red Bull BC One World Champion. The video showcases the competitors’ agility, rhythm, and precision in their moves, making this an unmissable event for all street dance fans.
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2014: The UK B-Boy Championships is one of the most reputable street dance events in the world. This video features some of the best B-Boy crews from across the globe in a nail-biting showcase of their skills. Watch as they battle it out with jaw-dropping moves that will leave you in awe!

Don’t miss the chance to witness some of the most remarkable street dance battles and be amazed by the skills and techniques that these dancers display in their performances. Check out the video links provided above and feel the pulse of street dance as you watch these incredible battles unfold.

2. Red Bull BC One World Final 2019

2. Red Bull Bc One World Final 2019
As we delve deeper into the exciting world of street dance battles, we cannot ignore the intensity of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2019. This renowned competition brings together some of the best breakdancers from around the globe to compete for the grand prize. The levels of creativity, athleticism, and skill showcased in this event are simply mind-blowing, making it truly a spectacle to behold. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Red Bull BC One World Final 2019 a must-watch for street dance battle enthusiasts.


One of the key parts of any street dance battle is the sheer level of talent on display. In each of these three battles, dancers from around the world bring their A-game to compete against the very best. Here are some key details about each event:

1. Juste Debout 2019:

  • Location: AccorHotels Arena, Paris
  • Date: March 10, 2019
  • Number of countries represented: Over 30
  • Type of dance: Various, including hip-hop, locking, popping, house, and experimental

2. Red Bull BC One World Final 2019:

  • Location: Olympiahalle, Munich
  • Date: November 30, 2019
  • Number of countries represented: 16
  • Type of dance: B-boying/b-girling

3. UK B-Boy Championships 2014:

  • Location: O2 Academy, Birmingham
  • Date: October 19, 2014
  • Number of countries represented: 21
  • Type of dance: B-boying/b-girling

Each of these events is characterized by high energy, intense competition, and a remarkable level of athleticism and creativity from the participating dancers. Fans of street dance are sure to be impressed by the performances on display in each of these battles.

Key Takeaways

After watching the top 3 street dance battles on YouTube, here are some key takeaways for each one:

1. Juste Debout 2019:

  • The use of creative props such as chairs and hats added an extra level of excitement to the battle.
  • The synchronization and chemistry between the dancers in the duo battles was impressive and captivating to watch.
  • The diverse range of styles showcased in the various categories highlighted the versatility of street dance.
  • The level of athleticism, precision, and creativity displayed by the dancers was truly awe-inspiring and deserving of recognition in the world of dance.

2. Red Bull BC One World Final 2019:

  • The one-on-one battles in this competition allowed for a more intimate and personal feel, as opposed to large group performances.
  • The incorporation of live music added an engaging element to the battles, as the dancers had to adapt and react to the rhythm and tempo of the music.
  • The judges’ critiques and comments provided insight into the technical aspects of street dance and what they look for in a winning performance.
  • The raw passion and emotion conveyed by the dancers in their movements was palpable and powerful, making for an emotional and unforgettable experience for both the performers and audience.

3. UK B-Boy Championships 2014:

  • The energy and enthusiasm of the dancers and audience alike created an electric atmosphere throughout the competition.
  • The variety of dance styles showcased in the different battles, including breakdancing and popping, demonstrated the evolution and diversity of street dance over the years.
  • The use of clever and humorous choreography added a fun and playful element to some of the performances.
  • The dedication and passion of the dancers for their craft was evident in their fierce and competitive performances, inspiring viewers to pursue their own passions with the same level of commitment and vigor.

These top 3 street dance battles on YouTube showcase the immense talent and creativity of street dancers around the world, and serve as a reminder of the power and beauty of dance as an art form.

Video Link

One of the most exciting aspects of street dance battles is being able to watch talented dancers showcase their skills on stage, and luckily many of these battles are captured and uploaded to YouTube for viewers worldwide to enjoy. Here are the video links for the top 3 street dance battles to watch:

1. Juste Debout 2019:

2. Red Bull BC One World Final 2019:

3. UK B-Boy Championships 2014:

Make sure to give these videos a watch to witness some of the best street dance battles from around the world.

3. UK B-Boy Championships 2014

As we continue our journey through the top street dance battles to watch on YouTube, we come across an electrifying event that took place in 2014. This highly anticipated battle showcased some of the world’s finest B-boys competing against one another to claim the coveted title of the UK B-Boy Champion. The night was filled with intense energy, unbelievable breakdancing moves, and an incredible display of athleticism. Let’s dive deep into the event and explore what made it so unforgettable.


When it comes to street dance battles on YouTube, there are some competitions that stand out from the rest. One of them is Juste Debout 2019. This international urban dance competition takes place annually in Paris, France and has been running since 2002.

At Juste Debout 2019, dancers compete in various categories such as Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, House, Experimental and Top Rock. The competition brings together some of the best dancers from around the world to showcase their skills and battle it out on the dance floor.

The intensity of the battles is what makes this competition so exciting to watch. Dancers have only a few minutes to show off their unique style and impress the judges. The competition is known for its high level of creativity, technical skill and musicality.

One standout performance from Juste Debout 2019 was in the Popping category. The dance duo, Nelson & Ivan, from France and Spain respectively, wowed the crowd with their incredible synchronization and intricate animation techniques. Their performance was a perfect example of the kind of talent that is showcased at Juste Debout.

In addition to the amazing dancing, the event itself is a spectacle with a lively crowd that cheers and claps for their favorite teams. The energy in the room is infectious and it’s easy to see why this competition has become such a staple in the street dance community.

Juste Debout 2019 is a must-see competition for anyone passionate about street dance. The level of talent and creativity on display is truly impressive and will leave you wanting more.

Key Takeaways

After watching these street dance battles, there are a few key takeaways that can help viewers appreciate the art form even more. Here are some of the most important highlights:

  • The creativity and uniqueness of each dancer: Street dance battles showcase not just the technical skill of the dancers, but also their creativity in interpreting the music and expressing themselves through dance. No two dancers are exactly alike, and this is what makes the battles so exciting to watch.
  • The importance of rhythm and musicality: One common element among all street dance battles is the emphasis on rhythm and musicality. The best dancers are those who can not only execute impressive moves, but also successfully synchronize their movements with the beat and rhythm of the music.
  • The power of confidence and stage presence: Street dance battles are not just about dancing ability – they also require a certain level of confidence and stage presence. The dancers who are able to command the stage and engage the audience often have an advantage over their competitors.
  • The communal nature of the street dance community: While these battles may be competitions, there is a distinct sense of camaraderie among the dancers. Music is often shared and enjoyed by everyone, and the dancers show appreciation for each other’s skills and performances. This sense of community is what makes street dance such a unique and welcoming art form.
  • The evolution of street dance over time: By watching these battles from different years, viewers can see the evolution of the dance style over time. From changes in fashion and music to new types of moves and techniques, street dance is always evolving and adapting to the times.

By paying attention to these key takeaways, viewers can gain a deeper appreciation for the skill and artistry behind street dance battles.

Video Link

After providing an overview and key takeaways of each street dance battle, it’s time to dive into the exciting part – the videos! Here are the video links for each of the top 3 street dance battles to watch on YouTube:

1. Juste Debout 2019:

2. Red Bull BC One World Final 2019:

3. UK B-Boy Championships 2014:

These three street dance battles showcase some of the world’s most skilled and creative dancers battling it out for the title of champion. Whether you’re a fan of breaking, popping, locking, or any other style of street dance, these battles are sure to leave you entertained and inspired. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!


After watching these top 3 street dance battles on YouTube, it’s evident that the world of urban dance is a masterful art form that should never be underestimated. Each of these events showcased the true essence of street dance, featuring some of the best dancers from all over the globe.

From the fierce battles at Juste Debout to the innovative moves at Red Bull BC One World Final, these events offer a glimpse into the hard work, dedication and passion that these dancers put into their craft.

It’s no doubt that street dance has come a long way since its inception and the love for the dance form continues to spread globally, inspiring the next generation of street dancers. The UK B-Boy Championships further highlights this notion, with dancers from all over the world showcasing their skills and paying homage to the dance form’s roots.

Overall, street dance battles provide an entertaining way to explore the culture, history and diversity of street dance. They offer a window into a world that is rich with creativity, innovation, and, most importantly, an unwavering love for dance. These battles not only offer a platform for dancers to showcase their skills but also to demonstrate the hard work, discipline and dedication it takes to perfect the craft. So, if you’re a fan of street dance or looking to learn more about the world of urban dance, then these battles are definitely worth watching.

Preguntas frecuentes

What is street dancing?

Street dancing refers to the hip-hop dance forms that originated in urban areas and were usually performed outside of formal dance studios.

What is a street dance battle?

A street dance battle is a dance competition where dancers face off against each other, usually improvising their moves as they go.

What makes street dance battles exciting?

Street dance battles are exciting because they showcase the raw talent, creativity, and energy of the dancers as they compete against each other.

What are some common street dance styles?

Common street dance styles include breaking, popping, locking, waacking, and hip-hop.

Who are the judges in a street dance battle?

The judges in a street dance battle are usually experienced dancers or choreographers who are knowledgeable about the various street dance styles.

What are the criteria for judging a street dance battle?

The criteria for judging a street dance battle can vary, but often include factors like musicality, technique, creativity, and stage presence.

What is Juste Debout?

Juste Debout is an international street dance competition that takes place in Paris, France, and features dancers from around the world competing in various styles.

What is Red Bull BC One?

Red Bull BC One is a global breakdancing competition that features the world’s top b-boys and b-girls.

What are the UK B-Boy Championships?

The UK B-Boy Championships is an annual international street dance competition that takes place in the United Kingdom and features dancers from around the world.

Can anyone participate in a street dance battle?

Yes, anyone who is proficient in one or more street dance styles can participate in a street dance battle, although some competitions may have specific rules or requirements.


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