Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners: Complete Guide

Pointe shoes have become an integral part of classical and modern ballet. They allow the dancer to take a position with a point of support on the tips of the fingers of the outstretched foot of one or both legs.

Professionals know how to choose them and always responsibly approach this process. But choosing the best pointe shoes for beginners is not so simple. Here you can not do without certain recommendations. I am happy to share my experience, and I hope it will be useful.

5 Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners Reviewed

  1. WENDYWU Dance Shoe – Top Pick
  2. IJONDA Ballet Shoes – Runner-Up
  3. WENDYWU Professional Dance Shoes – Premium Pick
  4. Capezio Contempora Pointe Shoe
  5. WENDYWU Colorful Pointe Shoes

I have collected 5 models of pointe shoes that, based on my experience, I consider suitable for beginners. They will help to fix the foot enough and, at the same time, will not be too rigid. Also be sure to take your teacher’s oppinion into account.

1. WENDYWU Dance Shoe. Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners

WENDYWU has been producing pointe shoes, leotards and other accessories for professional and amateur dancers for over 20 years. They are one of the market leaders.

I use these model regularly in class. Bright colors such as red, blue or elegant black will complement the look at a photo shoot or on stage.

Satin is used in the manufacture of these pointe ballet shoes for beginners, it’s a classic material for pointe shoes. A one-piece full-length outsole provides durable support for the foot. The shank made of plastic does not require additional preparation like plaster models. At the same time, it gives a sufficient level of leg fixation and stability.

A wide dimensional grid includes models for legs from 17.5 to 25 centimeters. Here you can find both children’s and adult models.

The fittings deserve special attention. In this model, the manufacturer has already sewn ribbons, speeding up the customization process. It comes with a storage case and toe pads.

  • Wide selection of colors
  • Convenient and fast customization process (no need to break the shoes or sew on ribbons)
  • Reliable fixation of the foot and toes due to the one-piece sole and shank
  • Wide range of sizes for adults and children
  • The box may be too soft for professional adult dancers.

2. IJONDA Ballet Shoes. Runner-up of Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners

The company has been producing professional shoes for dancers for 20 years. The quality is more than acceptable, based on my personal experience and others’ reviews. I sometimes wear this model myself and recommend them as good pointe shoes for beginners.

The manufacturer makes shoes from high quality satin. More expensive and wear-resistant material serves as the basis of the vamp.

For the sole, thick German paper and rubber are used. It is cut by hand. A distinctive feature of these model can be called their curved sole and logo pattern. It is thanks to this bend that it is easier for the dancer to stand on their toes and perform rotations.

A sturdy, wide mid instep box will fit most professional and amateur dancers. It will provide the right support for the foot without being too stiff.

The shoes come with mesh bag and silicone toe pads. The manufacturer has already sewn silk ribbons of 24 centimeters. If necessary, you can add an elastic band.

A wide dimensional grid will help you choose the right option for both a child and an adult. Now the points can be purchased in models from 34 to 43 European sizes. The shoes are elastic, which helps to adjust the size more clearly.

  • Several colors: powdery, black, red
  • Convenient and fast customization process (no need to break the shoes or sew on ribbons)
  • The special bend of the sole and the wok material, which ensures the wear resistance of the shoe
  • Wide range of sizes for adults and children. Elastic bands will help you to choose the size more tightly
  • Fewer color and size options than in other models.

3. WENDYWU Professional Dance Shoes. Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners in Premium Sector

My colleague, a professional ballet teacher, loves these shoes very much. She recommends them to her students and wears them herself in class.

As in previous versions, the manufacturer used satin for these shoes. Thick German paper served as the basis for the hand-cut branded sole.

Sewn on ribbons and a plastic box make customization easy. You do not need to additionally prepare shoes before use.

This manufacturer pleases us with a very wide dimensional range. Thanks to the rubber bands, you can still accurately choose your size.

  • Wide selection of colors
  • Convenient and fast customization process (no need to break your points or sewn on ribbons)
  • Reliable fixation of the foot and toes due to the one-piece sole and shank
  • Wide range of sizes for adults and children
  • The box may be too soft for professional adult dancers.

4. Capezio Contempora Pointe Shoe. Best Pointe Shoes for Adult Beginners

The history and philosophy of this brand attract special attention. The company has been on the market for over 120 years. During this entire period, the company has not only produced professional dance shoes but also carefully collected feedback and opinions from users. These tips help to improve the product, which makes Capezio distinctive among the pointe shoe brands.

Such shoes are used by many of my adult students. They are especially popular among beginners.

In the manufacturing of the company only natural materials are used. Satin forms the basis of the pointe shoe, while the leather is used for the sole.

The shank is feather and wide. This makes it convenient for beginners. Unfortunately, there is only one level of shank hardness, which can be frustrating for more experienced dancers.

The size grid includes teenage and adult models. Thanks to the elastic band, you can adjust the size more accurately. The shoes are a little tight. This helps to ensure the fixation of the foot.

All additional accessories need to be purchased separately. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a color.

  • The manufacturer uses only natural, high-quality materials
  • Tight foot grip
  • Dimensional grid for teenagers and adults, the ability to regulate the size of the shoe
  • During production, the company takes into account most of the wishes of professional dancers
  • You will have to purchase all additional accessories
  • You will not be able to select the hardness level of the shank.

5. WENDYWU Colorful Pointe Shoes. Best Colorful Pointe Shoes for Beginners

For these shoes, the company uses colored satin. You can choose the option you like on the site or order your own. Please be aware that these shoes take longer to produce and ship due to the customization.

The company uses high quality colored satin in different shades for these toe shoes. Craftsmen cut out the sole by hand from thick German paper. The vox base is plastic.

You will receive your pair of shoes with sewn on tonal ribbons and an elasticated band. This will speed up the process of preparing the points for use. What’s more, the bands and elastic bands keep the foot secure while dancing and reduce the possibility of injury.

When choosing a size, please note that the box is wider than other models. This may require more careful measurements of your foot.

  • Wide selection of colors
  • Convenient and fast customization process (no need to break pointe shoes or sew on ribbons)
  • Reliable fixation of the foot and toes due to the one-piece sole and shank
  • Wide range of sizes for adults and children
  • The box may be too soft for professional adult dancers

Things to Сonsider When Buying Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes for Beginners

To choose options, you need to consider the model, the fullness of the foot, the stiffness of the insole. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the sizes. You need to get up with your feet parallel to each other. Your fingers should touch the tips of the vox but not press. There should also be no free space.

What Are the Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners?

Teachers recommend choosing pointes with medium stiffness, ensuring proper muscle development and supporting the incompletely formed foot of the child. By practicing such pointes, girls will be able to develop a good rise. For strong feet, fitters advise choosing shoes with a hard insole.

How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last for Beginners?

The life expectancy of pointes depends on the activity of their use and proper care. It is worth considering the material from which they are made. On average, for beginners, pointe shoes last a month or two. You will be able to use American ones with proper care for about a year.

FAQ on Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners

Best Pointe for Beginners

Choosing pointe shoes is a complex process. It is best done with a teacher. But, I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best brand of pointe shoes for beginners?

You need to pay attention to the characteristics of the pointe shoes themselves and your comfort when wearing a particular pair.

How to use pointe shoes for beginners?

Be sure to dry your shoes after each use. You must not wet or wash them. Chalk or wet wipes can help clean pointes. If necessary, you need to sew protection on the shank, ribbons and elastic band.

Can a beginner wear pointe shoes?

Yes, but only if the dancer’s legs are ready for it. Only your teacher can say that.

Pick The Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners

Pointe for Beginners

Pointe shoes are not just shoes but a working tool. You should choose, prepare and care for them correctly. Your teacher will tell you when you’re ready and help you pick the right pair since beginner pointe shoes are not easy to pick.

I recommend trying WENDYWU. But, this is one of the opinions, and the final choice in such an individual matter is up to you.

Which of the pointe shoes in the review did you like the most? What other questions remain? Write in the comments.

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